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Archive for February 2016

Should Your Small Business Use Cloud Storage Solution?

There is already distinguished checklist of cloud storage solution services, from cheap company charges and fast usage to complete access and business-class engineering. Aside from that, there are some other advantages that online storage offers for small or mid-sized small business. Cloud Storage Solution Is All About Sharing Large files, music, videos and photos can…

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The Crucial Importance Of Having Employee Development Goals

Setting of employee development goals is an important part of the employee motivation process in any organization. Setting and achieving the development goals of employees makes them feel accomplished and as a result they push their performance to an ever increasing height. The development of the organization and the success of an organization depend heavily…

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Cheaper calls to Poland in 2016

It’s no fun having the festive season in the UK without having your family and friends around you and whilst it’s not always possible to be with them in person, you can emulate some of that family feeling by speaking at length on the phone, catching your family up with what’s been going on in…

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5 branding ideas for your SME

Your small medium enterprise might just be getting on its feet and while you concern yourself with sales and staff it’s important you also don’t forget about branding. After all, your brand is how people remember what you do and the service you offer, so it’s a good idea to curate it into something you…

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6 things employers look for on your CV

If you’re applying for a new job, your first step is to get your CV up to date. This is the first thing an employer will use to make a shortlist of applicants, so it’s important that you include all the right information and know how to make yours stand out from the rest. Below…

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Social Trading

The stock market offers an excellent option to make some serious money, but that’s not the only reason why the stock market is appealing to investors; it’s also appealing because it is constantly changing. New ways of trading are always being introduced, which keeps things fresh and exciting – and ups the earning potential that…

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5 helpful apps to help you sell your home

You need all the help you can get these days when it comes to selling your home. With it taking on average 65 days to make a sale those home owners who have been desperately typing ‘sell house fast’ into Google will discover there are lots of apps out there to support your sale and…

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5 tips to improve your email marketing campaign’s deliverability rate

Any digital marketer will concede the fact that email deliverability isn’t getting any easier. No longer do you have to rely on anecdotal evidence to argue the fact. In the last couple of years, there have been important data points making the rounds to prove that it’s getting harder for digital marketers to send their…

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Why Video Production is Important for Businesses

How to design a landing page

In the modern age of the Internet and connectivity, proper B2C (business to consumer) communication has never been more important. The rise of portable, connected devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones means that now more than ever, people are using the full capabilities of the Internet no matter where they are, which has led to…

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