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Archive for December 2015

Top 5 Branded Foods for Promotional Marketing

Promotional marketing through branded merchandise is fast becoming an area where marketers can go to town on what they can offer consumers and clients alike, in order to enhance their brand reputation. Branded food popularity is growing and with that there are some great items flying off the shelves for businesses aimed at enticing new…

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Stop Automating Direct Messages

Stop Automating Direct Messages! Twitter has truly proven itself as the marketing tool of social media, with its ability to connect with millions of users on a personal level not usually achievable from other social media platforms. You can even automate your direct messages via third party tools, so you and your social media team…

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How to kick start your career in online marketing

Online marketing is among the most rapidly-moving job choices in the digital world, but there’s a lot of competition for some of the plum roles. So how do you make your mark? Here are four suggestions: Read! Keeping up with the latest industry moves is essential. New research and methodology arrives on the internet every…

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getty images suing you over Copyright Infringement?

without prejudice: First of all, our opinion, which we are fully entitled to: “The way that getty images go about scaring small businesses with legal emails and letters demanding £1,000’s of pounds of compensation is a total disgrace and a damning act to take on their behalf as they build up an army of ‘potential…

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