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Archive for August 2015

How Car Brands Get Social Media Right

In the world of consumer cars, bridging the gap between brand and customer has never really been that much of a challenge. Drawn in by sleek designs, cutting-edge technology and showroom display, marketing cars has always followed somewhat of a staple blueprint. Now, thanks to the rise of social media, car brands and manufacturers are…

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Prospects of investing in Miami Real Estate.

Prospects of investing in Miami Real Estate Miami is known for its gorgeous beaches, great all-year-round weather, and a vibrant nightlife. In about eight years, Miami has added 23,000 condominiums and made huge developments on the northern part of the South Beach. Recently, Financial Times specialist division, fDi Intelligence ranked Miami number nine among the…

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6 Mobile App Marketing Lessons Vital for Success.

6 Mobile App Marketing Lessons Vital for Success You may be interested in developing what you think will be the next big app that will make you a huge success. You might have poured all your creativity, time and energy into developing the plan for you application and may be very satisfied with the end…

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