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Archive for July 2015

7 top tips for maximising engagement on social media

Social media is firmly entrenched in every business’ online presence – or it should be. Sadly, however, it is not always used to its full potential. It is not enough to simply have an account, or post the occasional update. You need to be active and vibrant, encouraging your followers to engage with you and…

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So What the Heck is #Periscope?

I went to a social media conference last week. As I walked in the door, I was suddenly on Periscope, looking very startled I might add and only capable of uttering something that sounded very much like “ermblurfatnomnom”…. Fantastic! Everyone around me was hyper excited and waving phones all over the place. It was quite…

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Five questions web developers should ask before they accept a new job.

If you can think of a problem, chances are that someone online is starting to tackle that problem and someone online somewhere else has progressed further towards a solution. Entrepreneur magazine, for example, has listed ten startup businesses that are revolutionising the way we interact with the internet, to include the production of an app…

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VOIP For Business – how using a VOIP phone system can save a company money

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a telecommunication technology that is becoming increasing popular and present in the world of business. Many companies have already decided to make the switch, abandoning their traditional telephone system in favour of the benefits and savings VoIP has to offer. The premise of VoIP is simple; instead of using…

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Unified Communications and Modern Technology.

Modern technology is a glorious thing, always changing and bringing us the next best thing that consumers and business clamour over, looking to add interest, convenience and efficiency into our lives. A big part of the direction technology is headed is means to communicate, and with that the development and implementation of unified communications. What…

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Social Media making gambling all too easier now?

Gaming has long been a feature on the internet from simple games to pass the time like solitaire to more expensive options such as Call of Duty and GTA. Online gaming, online casino, slot games are also available and the difference with these types of games is that they can cost you a small fortune…

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How to Find Blogging Inspiration.

Just recently, I committed to writing at least four blog posts a week. I need to raise my profile online and as it’s all about content, content and more content, it seemed like a great strategy for getting my writing noticed and would, if nothing else, by great for my creativity generally. Hey, it can’t…

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