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Archive for June 2015

5 Tips to Get Your Next Corporate Event Buzzing on Social Media

Social media engagement is so important when planning a corporate event. If you’re looking after all things social for your next event, here are 5 tips to help get things buzzing from the get-go: Diversify the Output Repeated 140-character tweets and ticket adverts will soon get boring for your followers and friends. Mix things up…

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Five traits the modern marketer must possess.

Ask people on the street what is meant by the phrase ‘marketing’ and it’s likely that you’ll get 100 different answers. Most people know the basic core meaning and can give some suitable synonyms such as promotion or sales, but there are many other facets to marketing in 2015. Here are five jobs that the…

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7 shared characteristics of successful brand logos

When it comes to designing a successful logo there’s a lot to think about. You’ve got to decide what message you want to convey, as well as how to reflect your brand in a single image, on top of finding a decent designer to put the whole thing together. So what characteristics do these successful…

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Business Forecasting Methods to grow your Business

Business forecasting is essential for making business plans, so that your management can make informed decisions regarding the company’s future, to ensure that you have sustainability. It gives you a better understanding of the market and current climate, so that you can adjust your products, services and sales accordingly to stay ahead or to keep…

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Is Your Offline Office Space Damaging Your Online Offerings?

In the marketing world, or the tech world, where everything is online, you want to show off everything about your company, and let the personality of the team and its culture shine through. Of course some things about your work have to be physical, but these should integrate with your overall ethos and online persona.…

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Stop Annoying Your Site Visitors – Easy Ways to Improve Popovers.

One sure way of annoying visitors to your website is with through popovers that fail to engage. However, popovers can have a very positive impact on your visitors, and potential customers. Here Cloud-iQ present five ways that popovers can appeal to your visitors – and then consequently lead to more sales. Offers And Free Content A…

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10 hot marketing trends to incorporate into your strategy

Marketing is ever-changing and businesses need to adapt their strategies to fit with this fluid landscape. Here are some marketing trends you need to incorporate into your strategy. SMS marketing With astonishing open rates (98%) and users engaging more with SMS than ever – and using their mobiles for pretty much everything to boot –…

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