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Archive for May 2015

13 Smartphone Apps That Make Everyday Life Easier

Can you remember a world without mobile apps? We can, but only just. With the astronomic rise of the smartphone, apps have become part of our everyday lives, with millions now available to download on iOS and Android devices. Naturally, with so many new and emerging apps, users have to wade through a lot of…

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Maximise your Charity Fundraising Event’s Success

If you’re hosting a charity event, it won’t take you very long during the planning process to realise how much you’ll have to do to ensure it can all go ahead as smoothly as possible. When hosting an event for a good cause, however, there’s a lot more pressure as you’ll want the event to…

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Introducing Doritos Roulette

If you are an avid television watcher, you may well have watched Doritos’ latest promotional campaign with interest. Recently, the brand announced the release of Doritos Roulette, a dangerous and innovative new snack that promises to deliver a spicy surprise with every handful. Although this snack provides an interesting proposition, it is not that far…

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5 external factors that could destroy a business

There are factors in business that we cannot control or predict, and they are sometimes the most deadly. The earnest CEO with a brilliant product and a great set of supporting staff, perhaps recruited through should succeed, but sometimes external factors rebel and conspire. Here are five outside forces that can conspire to derail…

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The future of advertising: Native ads

The future of advertising has been up for discussion over the past few years by many professionals in the arena, so it’s of no surprise that it’s back to the forefront of the world of media in 2015. Advertising has taken many forms over the past decade, including the use of advertorials, newspaper ads and…

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