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Archive for April 2015

Business success could come down to just a #Hashtag on Social Media!

Many businesses nowadays are being launched and run successfully on social media. The fact that social media is free is really helping new business start ups to find brand awareness, feedback and new clients for their businesses whereas only a few years back, marketing budgets would be needed to pay to advertise in the local…

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The True Cost of Unused Software in Business.

Anyone who has a business knows and understands the costs that come with it, so why are so many businesses spending money on software that is hardly or never used? The below infographic shows just how much unused software is costing businesses across the UK and US. Provided by 1E

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5 Great Ways to Use the Power of Social Media at Event Conferences

 Event conferences are a fantastic way to unite people over their passions and enable them to learn more about the fields that fascinate them. Couple all that buzz and talk with social media however and suddenly things can get even more special.  Wondering how best to use social media at event conferences? Read on for…

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How Cloud CRM Can Streamline Your Marketing?

As a business it’s hard to stay focused when your marketing strategy can combine mixed methods that span across a multitude of platforms. Every business knows that a successful marketing plan cannot hinge on one method alone, but the more you add to the plan the more difficult it becomes to know whether your strategy…

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Too niche for email marketing? Try adding social media!

Email marketing spend is on the increase, with companies eager to create great campaigns and not only pull in new customers but keep returning ones. Niche businesses shouldn’t hold back and think that email marketing will be ineffective for them, but how can they make it work? Where to start Creating a marketing strategy is one of…

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9 ways to use Google Plus for Business Success.

Google Plus is one of the most talked about networks after Facebook and Twitter. Whether you are a mid-size business or a big corporation, a good use of social media matters in either case. Here are 9 ways to use Google Plus for Business Success. Become a Google + user: The first step is to…

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How to optimize your website for Local SEO?

Talking Toronto Eyeing Japan Most SEO work happens around those lines. Everyone wants to see his / her website on the first page of Google Search. In the rat race, website purpose is often missed out. There is virtually no good SEO and no bad SEO. Everyone employs almost similar techniques. Yes, there are better…

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How to Leverage Visual Branding on Social Media?

Social Media is not a library but a park, where people come to enjoy time and relax. They scan through it instead of going through every minute detail. Why should someone stop to watch your card game in a Park when there are so many other players like you? Asking your viewers to watch your…

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