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Archive for February 2015

Brands that are winning at video.

There is always at least one video we can all recall off the top of our heads. Have a quick think, which one is it for you? Whether it is the sensation that was the Gangnam Style or the hilarity of the Old Spice snippets, the key to a sterling video is not only how…

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How to Find Blogging Inspiration.

This year, I’ve committed to writing at least 4 blog posts a week. Why? Who knows, but I’m doing it now…… This can’t be too hard, I thought, it’ll be easy to find subject matter, as there’s already a whole long list of things I’ve been meaning to blog about but not quite got round…

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Why Promotional Gifts Are a Social Media Campaign’s Best Friend

Social media campaigns continue to grow in importance and stature as part of a brand’s wider, ongoing marketing endeavours. Promotional gifts can help give your brand an inside lane in the social media battle for more followers, friends and viewers – and subsequently, customers. Celebrity Endorsements Social media platforms (in particular Twitter) have been widely…

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Where you should be investing your hard-earned salary

Money doesn’t grow on trees, which is why it’s important to look after your earnings. While saving is one option – via a traditional savings account or (preferably) a tax-free cash ISA – you might also decide investing is an option you want to consider. By investing your money can go up as well as…

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Using the Psychology of Colour to Earn Sales Conversions

To the untrained eye, colours are diverse and often bright elements that can add depth to interior and outdoor spaces. This is just the tip of the iceberg, however, as colours also wield considerable influence and have the potential to sway our attitudes and emotions at any given time. When our eyes process colours, they…

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Infographics are dead! Long live video infographics!

Infographics are everywhere. And rightly so! As they emerged a few years or so ago, PR folks and marketers took advantage of the simplicity of displaying complex data in a way that told a more compelling story than just a load of numbers, percentages and words. And they didn’t need to be design experts. They…

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Public Relations vs Media Relations Will The Twain Ever Mix?

“Mr. Gin, allow me to introduce Mr. Vermouth. Don’t shake hands now; you will never mix.” That old adage in the Bartender’s Bible may refer to Martini, but the words could easily be changed so it applies to public relations and media relations. You see, the two appear to be synonymous to the untrained eye,…

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Social Media and how it has grown in the last 10 years.

We are now in the age of Social Media and my how it has grown in 10 years. As a business if you aren’t on one of these sites you are missing out on serious traffic and a lot of opportunities to market your products Take a look back in 2005, with YouTube just getting…

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