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Archive for August 2014

New on Twitter: Promoted Video

Given the explosion of video content over the last few years, we could always count on one site to stick with simple text: Twitter. Those days are gone, thanks to recent beta testing on the site’s new Promoted Video tool. People were already using Twitter to share links to promotional videos with prospects and customers.…

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How To Prepare For The Ad Changes On Facebook This September

If you’re an advertiser on Facebook, then mark 1st September 2014 in your diary. On that day, a lot changes. In this article I’ll discuss how to prepare for the change, and how to make sure you stay ahead of your competition. Until recently, Facebook ads worked based on a campaigns and ads structure. Around…

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Growing Your Bands Exposure With Social Media

If you’re in the music industry, social media is a key way of distributing your work. In this article we’ll go through the key ways to leverage social media to benefit your music aspirations. The first place to start is in building an audience on Facebook. Create a Facebook page as this gives the authenticity…

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“Don’t tweet naked” and other advice that should be obvious

You might expect them to know better already, but police in the UK have been issued with new guidelines on social media use, including resisting the urge to tweet naked pictures of themselves. City of London Police, for example, advises officers that they should not post pictures and videos of themselves and their colleagues naked,…

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Social Media & Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media has taken over, if you aren’t on a social media network yourself then you most certainly will know someone else who is. Social media platforms aren’t just used to keep up to date with what your friends and family are up to, it’s also used for marketing and scoping out the competition. Twitter,…

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SlideShare Now Lets You Upload Infographics

As SlideShare itself states, its goal is simple: to share knowledge online. Over the past eight years, SlideShare has worked tirelessly to meet that goal, becoming one of the most popular and useful sites for sharing professional content and presentation related media. Now, over two years since becoming part of the LinkedIn fold, SlideShare has…

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Modern Initiatives In Business: Social Media And Beyond!

Big businesses seem to know everything about us this days. Name? Check. Age? Check. Phone number? Well, if the random cold calls we get are anything to go by – double check! But what a lot of them are lacking? Our e-contact info! Wait, what? We’ve talked before about the different ways that more ‘traditional’…

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How to create rocking Tweets?

160 Characters? May not feel enough to wow your audience! Dear Reader, quality matters over quantity. Engaging words that come directly out of your mind makes a big difference. Rock stars will always have more followers than you and I. But we can be rock star in our own niche. How? That’s the trick. Feeds…

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How Your ‘Traditional’ Business Can Survive In The Social Age

Everything is about social media these days, absolutely everything. Even when it isn’t. Wait… what? You know what I mean. Businesses about characteristically NOT modern things are having to tread their toes in the murky waters of social. Just how do they survive in the digital age?! Paperstone, a successful office supplies company, are currently…

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5 Reasons: Why Social Media and SEO should be done together?

Number counts for spreading the words. More mouths mean intense voices and higher chances of getting heard around. We are living in a digital society. Even best of the artist finds crunching numbers of likes and followers on Social Media like Facebook or MySpace. This is why, every business needs social media presence. When you…

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