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Archive for April 2014

Social Media: Are you doing it right?

As the online world continues to dominate the business world, more and more businesses are turning to the benefits of social media as an effective marketing strategy. But there’s more to social media than just setting up a Facebook page and expecting the customers to come rolling in – here are a few tips on…

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Twitter images for beginners

Twitter images; do you have them covered? If you have been experimenting with using Twitter images you might want to learn how to attach a picture that actually generates a reaction. You might have thought all images are equal but you’d be wrong. Some are definitely more equal than others and a PhD researcher has…

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Know thy followers

Do you really know your followers on Twitter? One great way to find out a bit about them in a quick and refreshing way is to create a “Who’s who” list of your followers, ranked according to influence. That way the most important followers are at the top of the pile. Knowing more about your…

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How to Improve Your Content to Get More Shares

Creating content that has the potential to go viral is every marketer’s dream come true. While the popularity of an article depends on multiple factors that are hard to recap, there are a few additional things everyone can do make their already well-crafted and interesting article even more compelling for the audience.  Better Long than…

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Building Your Social Media Strategy

Okay, so you have a business and see that the competition are using social media to help promote their products and services. You need to be on there too….don’t you? It’s what all the ‘kids’ are doing and the best way to drive business through your door…isn’t it? Well yes…and no. You’re going to need…

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Social Media for Business – 5 Kick-Start Strategies

Social media is all the rage these days, and unless you have been living in a cave you will know how important it is to socialize with your customers using networking sites. But in case you have missed the hype, here is a list of reasons why social media is important for business: Increased exposure…

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