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Archive for March 2014

Google+ is primed to explode?

Google+ Every social media analyst has been saying the same thing for a long time now — Google+ is primed to explode and become as ubiquitous as Facebook and Twitter any day now. The social network has been growing steadily since its launch, but that gradual approach has made it easy to forget about while…

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Simple Social Media Secrets to achieve your marketing objectives.

Simple Social Media Secrets to achieve your marketing objectives. When I think social media, I often wonder, what is the purpose? The point? With so many established brands and new business out there, it’s difficult to not wonder why they are here, what they have to say, and what they are trying to achieve. It…

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Social Media in the UK Property Industry.

Social media is an online phenomenon that has taken the world by storm, but how has it affected the property industry? And how are property agents utilising this powerful tool? Many people have a narrow view of what social media incorporates, yes it predominantly includes the likes of Facebook and Twitter, but it is also…

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Estate Agents: Time to engage with blogging and social media.

Estate Agents: Time to engage. If you are an Estate Agent of any standing the likelihood is that you advertise on either Rightmove or Zoopla. Joining these vast databases is a way of getting your property seen, in a way that a ‘For Sale’ sign never could. But when you share the market place with…

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Change your Twitter approach right now!

Back Drafts and the Flutter of Tweets Ok, so here we are in 2014 and things are changing so fast it’s like standing on the side of a freeway feeling the back draft as traffic whizzes past. As you watch vehicles pass and you are never likely to see those particular cars again. Can you…

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How to maximise data for your marketing campaign.

How to maximise data for your marketing campaign and how, where and when to use social media: At The Media Octopus, we believe that a strong marketing campaign, no matter how big or small, is vital to the success of any business. With consumers being bombarded with information on a daily basis, thanks to growth…

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Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet – 2014

If you are an inbound marketer or own a web business like me, you probably know how powerful to have beautiful looking social media accounts and the effect of sharing your content with a well-designed visual. An image says more than words can explain! Right? Now that even Twitter allows you to share your content…

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Twitter, what else is there to know?

In March 2014 what do you need to know as a business owner about twitter? Leadamo Academy investigates. Twitter continues to morph into a full scale marketing machine. Its tribe increases and every 2 days 1 billion tweets are served up. This might fill you with horror or dread. It might make you think there’s…

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Why Estate Agents Are Falling Behind On Social Media?

Estate agents are falling behind on social media marketing. As a rule, they are relying far too heavily on websites to advertise and sell homes. Facebook strategies are effective ways of reaching their target audience – home sellers and buyers – and are either free to manage in-house (if you have a trained member of staff),…

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