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Archive for February 2014

Why your brand should focus on Google+ in 2014

Google+. Many have heard of it, ignored it, laughed at it.. but for those of us who manage communities or a brand’s social presence, we are starting to see just how important it really is. Here’s why your brand should be focusing on Google+ in 2014:   1: It’s Google! Companies invest large amounts of…

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How to grow and promote without a blog.

What if you’re not confident enough to blog all the time? If you run a small business, you will hear EVERYONE telling you that you NEEEEEED to be on social media. You also apparently NEED to blog and produce content. Videos, pictures, articles, posts, comments etc Well the truth is that these just aren’t an…

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Alternatives to WhatsApp

With the big news that Facebook has bought WhatsApp (from 2 chaps that were ironically turned down for jobs at Zuckerberg’s company!) for just over £11million, there will be folk who now think it’s not cool (as it’s owned by Facebook) as well as those who don’t want the biggest social media company getting access…

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How many Social Media Sites should you be Active on?

In April we will be celebrating our third year of trading. 2014 is our make or break year as we are now fully established and people hopefully know about us. Thankfully, the majority of our customers have returned to us each year, so we must be doing something right. One of my daily roles is…

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The Winter Olympics are in full swing (better than the ‘normal’ Olympics in my opinion but that’s another blog post!) & the nation has, once again, as it seems to every four years, fallen in love with curling. I’m not surprised, it’s awesome, I’m hooked when it’d on & both our men & women of…

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Video and Social Media.

Having a video made to promote your business is certainly the first step in the process – these days, it’s not enough to just hire a video production company to make the video, it won’t just get seen by itself, you need to promote it, push it and keep doing so to ensure people see…

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Is Social Media Coming of Age As a Brand Communications Channel?

“I remember when you could be utterly stupid without the world finding out”, was just one response to the Justine Sacco saga, but it puts in a nutshell the enormous impact of social media in launching or burying a career. No matter how impressively Sacco’s CV may read, her ‘utterly stupid’ twitter regarding Africa and…

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A search technique you may not realise you can do on Twitter:

Once you realise the potential behind Twitter for your business and for lead generation, we can start to look deeply in to targeting people / accounts for trends, their likes and their interests and even complaints their sharing against your competitors. OSLG – Outbound Social Lead Generation. It’s all about comments and feedback consumers are sharing…

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Are Estate Agents making the best of the agency window?

Estate Agents are by the very nature of their business very reliant on the quality of their window display to attract prospective buyers passing their agency window. So what’s the problem? It’s all very standard with rows upon rows of properties with very little in the way of varied customer engagement through the use of…

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