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Archive for February 2014

Is Social Media a necessity in today’s world of Internet Marketing?

Many companies still fail to see the advantage of using social media within their marketing budget spend or dedicating internal time to manage their own presence on channels which are working incredibly well for their rival competitors. Some companies will say that they haven’t had the time to commence or those who have a presence…

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Does Social Media help improve #Ecommerce Sales?

How does social media really help to improve ecommerce web traffic and sales? Though not directly a selling channel, we can see many ways in which social media is influencing consumers decisions when making online purchases, in this blog we will take a look at some key points to consider. It is reported that Black Friday online…

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How Social Media Is Affecting Our Everyday Working Lives.

How Social Media Is Affecting Our Everyday Working Lives Whether it’s catching up on the latest news or disseminating information of your own, the influence of social media continues to grow. Spend an hour managing your company’s social media network and you can engage with customers, reassure clients, monitor market trends and promote your latest…

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Letting agents .. Facebook ‘likes’ are worthless?

Many letting and estate agents will tell you they have so many hundreds or thousands of followers on twitter or so many likes on facebook.. the more the better. However, you need to stop and ask yourself – why do you want more Facebook likes or twitter followers? Yes, it’s nice to look popular on…

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The power of the URL link and how to use it.

That image above shows one of the ugliest yet most powerful pieces of information on the internet. It shows a URL, or link, address or dubdubdub, whatever you call it. It’s also the most powerful thing you and your business have access to. You see, you don’t really need to know the in’s and out’s…

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What makes great web design? Don’t forget the socials!

When approaching designing a website, the psychology behind aesthetic choices is just as important as content, functionality and navigational aspects. By understanding how the human mind works when journeying through a website, this can help to direct and to some extent, dictate how a site is constructed to best appeal to your target audience. Being…

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Why Instagram Video Is Becoming an Essential Marketing Tool for Brands

Like Vine, Instagram recently rolled out video support which allows account owners to share content in short spurts. The big difference is that Instagram videos can be up to fifteen seconds long, more than double the limit imposed on Vine. On Vine, six-second videos loop continuously, which can make it quite difficult to create a…

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What a Simple Facebook status can lead too.

Recently I helped to start a 1800 mile journey for 46 bikes that will be used by Children at an Orphanage in Bulgaria. These bikes we’re purchased, donated, serviced and fixed by a unemployed 50 year old local man who lives near me in North Yorkshire. I was randomly scrolling down my news feed and…

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Why your brand should focus on Google+ in 2014

Google+. Many have heard of it, ignored it, laughed at it.. but for those of us who manage communities or a brand’s social presence, we are starting to see just how important it really is. Here’s why your brand should be focusing on Google+ in 2014:   1: It’s Google! Companies invest large amounts of…

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