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Marketme is a fast growing Social Media ‘news, views and expert advice‘ online community helping UK micro and SME businesses to understand and succeed in using the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Already a multi award winning concept, Marketme embraces many of the best Social Media experts throughout the UK who guest blog regular content for a rapidly growing audience. Founded in 2010 and originally a digital marketing agency, Marketme soon evolved in to a team of Social Media and Digital Marketing experts based in Essex working on client accounts across the UK and a portfolio of in-house projects.

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Christopher, London born and University educated has almost 20 years combined experience in sales, marketing and promotions.  A passionate businessman whose strengths are communication and leadership which are clearly apparent when you first meet him, he sets high standards for himself and those around him and works hard to make any venture he is involved with is a success. Marketme CEO and Founder.


Eve, content and editorial manager for Marketme and also for brands such as EstateAgentNetworking and GlassOfBubbly to include being the editor of the Glass of Bubbly. Blog content for GlassOfBubbly are read and passed by Eve.

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Jade, leads the Design and Branding department at Marketme. Currently working on the GlassOfBubbly and Marketme magazines and the design of new client social media account profiles.

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